Consolidating loans despite bad remark

Debt consolidation despite bad remark

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Especially when large loans are taken, you have to ask yourself the question of consolidation after some time. Many banks only fix the interest for a certain period of time. If this has expired, it must be renegotiated.

For borrowers, this means that they now have the opportunity to take advantage of an even better loan offer. The better offer can come from the same bank that has already placed the first loan. Or you ask other banks, compare the offers with each other and seek out the most lucrative offer.


But it can also happen that debt consolidaition becomes necessary when debts accumulate. These could be summarized in this way and thus gradually dismantled. Both variants are only possible if you have a positive remark.

Because a consolidation despite bad remark is not possible. The banks and savings banks always ask for a consolidation from the remark, since it is for them to take out a new loan. If you want to reschedule despite bad remark, so you have to look for alternatives that make this possible.

Thus, a consolidation can be made despite bad remark

In principle, there are only two options for consolidation despite bad remark. First, you can try to reschedule the bank, which already manages the current loan. These would then be extended with terms and conditions. The bank would not have to query the remark as it already has a contract with the borrower. However, you have to live with this variant then that you can not achieve any improvement in interest rates and so perhaps more money must flow into the loan, as would be the case of a new loan.

The second option is the addition of a co-applicant. With its help, the consolidation can be done in all directions and you are not bound to any specific offer. However, then you draw a second person into the borrowing, which means that this person must also be liable for the loan. Whether you want this, must be decided individually.


A consolidation despite bad remark is only possible if a co-applicant helps or if the existing loan is simply extended. Other ways can not be taken because they do not lead to a loan. The bank will not forget the query of the remark and so always notice that there are negative entries. Therefore, immediately use the alternatives so that the consolidation can be carried out quickly.

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