Credit Channel – Advantages of Services?



Credit Channel? Portal of real estate loan created for anyone who wants to find the best interest rates and not waste time to hire a loan or financing without wasting time looking at banks and financials. The credit channel is an online comparator that has as partners the financial consultant Gustavo Cerbasi author of the book “Smart Couples Enrich Together” and Marcelo Prata, president of the Brazilian Association of Brokers and Financing (Abracefi).

The loan comparator has been online since 2011, its main objective is to negotiate with the financial institutions the best real estate credit conditions for people interested in financing. The service is like that of a financial broker. In addition, the site provides a tool for comparing available products.

To consult more affordable rates in the market simply choose which line of credit you have interest and then the program will show you all the banks and financiers that offer the type of financing predetermined.

It is possible to be informed about credit

It is possible to be informed about credit



It is possible to be informed about credit / loan, financing and consócio. The tool allows you to search all the relevant information so that the consumer can make the best decision before signing a contract. The best part of this service is that the entire operation is free, meaning you do not have to pay anything to gain access. Who pays the company are the banks and registered partners themselves.

But it is worth remembering that the financing will be done directly with the bank chosen, the only function of the Credit Channel is to put the client in contact with the credit areas of the financial institutions, who will then handle the bureaucratic issues and the attendance of each applicant.

The advantage of the service is time saving. You no longer have to go from financial to financial, from bank to bank looking for better rates and conditions. No need to waste time on offers you dislike, the tool is direct and intuitive. All information available on the Credit Channel is updated regularly according to the websites of the banks, credit administrators and also through the statements issued by the Central Bank.

In the case of financing inquiries , you must indicate the line of credit, the amount requested, the value of the entry, the amount of the monthly family income, the period of time in which the amount is to be paid, the place where you intend to make the purchase, and your date of birth.


Check credits and loans

Check credits and loans


To check credits and loans , depending on the option, you must still inform your professional profile and if you already have another loan in progress. In the case of vehicle refinancing, inform the model and if the car is being financed.

Finally, the Credit Channel can be an option to facilitate your research and budget analysis of financing. Remember that hiring large amounts or financing high-value goods is a big responsibility, so be sure to search for improved conditions until you find the one that will fit your financial health.