Personal Credit – Simulate and save up to € 5,500

Montepio Crédito is a financial institution with more than two decades of experience in the Portuguese market. It was created in June 1992, being an associate of the Montepio Group and standing out for its personal credit offer in three distinct areas: car, home and equipment.

Montepio Credit Personal Credit

 Montepio Credit Personal Credit


Montepio Crédito makes available to all its customers three personal credit solutions, in order to meet all kinds of needs and profiles. Montepio Crédito finances your clients’ projects up to 100% and, after the process is completed, the amount is transferred to the account at the customer’s order.


Auto Credit Credit

Auto Credit Credit


The financial financing of this financial institution is a personal loan with variable or fixed interest rate, whichever is desired by the client.

This is intended for the purchase of a new, semi-new or used car, the automobile in the name of the customer. However, it is necessary to make a reservation of property in favor of Montepio Crédito.

Auto insurance can be underwritten directly through Montepio Credit or through any insurance company – this is a decision to be made by the consumer.

However, you must subscribe to the Montepio Crédito Life Insurance, which is in the name of the first owner of the loan. In addition, by hiring Montepio Crédito’s auto credit, the consumer receives the Bonus Card , a discount card at BP gas stations.

Through the Montepio car loan simulator, consumers can understand how much they will pay monthly, interest and what the total cost of the financing they wish to request from the financial institution.

Credit for Home and Services

Credit for Home and Services at Montepio Crédito


This personal loan is indicated for the areas of furniture and decoration, computing and electronics, education and also for a set of services in the health area.

In addition to having flexible payment terms, ranging from 24 to 36 months, there are also various amounts that the customer can contract – from € 2,500 to € 10,000 – which can go up to 100% of financing.

The consumer does not need to change banks to obtain a personal loan at Montepio Crédito and this loan has no additional costs at the end of the contract. However, in order to contract it, it is necessary for the client to subscribe to Montepio Crédito Life Insurance.

Solutions for Montepio Credit Equipment

Solutions for Montepio Credit Equipment


Agro + Soluções Agro + is a business driver that works in a sustainable manner, with flexible payment deadlines and not involving the payment of any additional costs at the end of the contract.

As for the Frota + solution, this financing is directed to the renewal of a company’s fleet of cars and allows to include all the services in a single contract. Solutions Floresta + allow to obtain credit for projects in the forest sector with fixed or variable interest rates and with flexibilities in payment.

Finally, the Class A + Solutions are aimed at the acquisition of energy efficient equipment, being possible to opt for the residual value and still be able to refinance this residual value at the end of the credit agreement.